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Gain some insight into the brewing process and management of one of San Diego’s most successful up-and-coming breweries, Societe Brewing Company. Learn how Torrey Pines Bank helped them achieve their goals.

With a roster of in-demand beers named for archetypal Old West characters – from The Fiddler, The Dandy, The Widow and The Swindler to The Haberdasher – San Diego’s Societe Brewing has crafted a compelling set of products and a tasty narrative to match. And in this story The Banker plays a role, too.

“The initial financing provided by Torrey Pines Bank has allowed Societe to grow 300% in our first three and a half years,” says Doug Constantiner, a Societe co-founder along with Brewmaster Travis Smith. Neither Constantiner, a former NYC investment banker, nor Smith is a San Diego native, but the duo chose the market because it was a hotbed for craft brewing.“

“Having Torrey Pines Bank as our partner enables us to operate to our standards, without having to sacrifice the quality of our product,” adds Constantiner. “Torrey Pines and our banker, Andrew Schwarz, really get what we do. All banks look at the numbers, but the team at Torrey Pines Bank has a deep interest and understanding of our business.”

The story of Societe Brewing has many chapters to come, but one part of this new Old West yarn is unlikely to change. Notes Constantiner: “As we continue to grow our way, I see us growing with Torrey Pines Bank. I’m willing to pay more for a good business relationship – this has worth and value to us. We left a small local bank that didn’t understand our strategy and bigger banks were just too big. Torrey Pines Bank understands our industry, they understand us and our model. And the customer service is great. They are a big bank that feels like a local bank.”

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